30 Days To Make a Happier More Kind World–Launching #30DaysOfKindness

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A kinder world in 30 days, is it even possible? Absolutely and WE are going to make it happen.

When I launched #30DayAdventures late in May 2012 I never anticipated I would still be on the adventure 5 months later! IN Fact it was just a transition project to shake up my life and fill some time. Well 5 months later and after a successful second project #30DayFoodTrucks I’m making 30 Days my mission.

So let’s talk kindness and how 30 Days, with your help, is going to spread it around our city. A random act of kindness as defined by Wikipedia is “a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people”. So what we are going to do is simple. Starting November 5th until December 17th, Monday through Friday, myself and another person/Organization/Company will join together to commit an act of kindness in our community. Pretty simple right?

Here’s an example of what one group is doing with me on #30DaysOfKindness launch day. Yelp and I will pick a coffee shop in Downtown Vancouver Monday November 5th. At 8:30am we will buy the next 100 coffees for customers at that coffee shop. They might be on their way to work or they might be settling in to read the paper, it doesn’t matter coffee is on us.

Yelp #30DaysOfKindness event listing

If that doesn’t put a smile on their face nothing will. You see, kindness is infectious and a kind act of buying someone a coffee they didn’t expect could lead to them paying it forward later in the day and so on…. Perhaps a free coffee or a random hug could lead to world peace? OK I’m not that naive but why not? We all complain about how cold and impersonal our world has become so let’s do something about it, one kind act at a time.

So how can you get involved? It’s really simple:

  1. Commit to participate in #30DaysOfKindness. It could be just yourself, your co-workers, or your group of friends.
  2. Pick a date and email me at marc@amuseconsulting.ca to lock the date in so it doesn’t get taken by another group.
  3. Let’s brainstorm about an act of kindness that is easy for you to accomplish and makes sense given your schedule and ability. If you need to look for some ideas here is a great resource from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.
  4. Then we put thought into action and we do it together!

See how simple that is. Don’t stress about how much it could cost if you can’t afford to spend any money, do things that cost nothing. A hug is free Smile

As with the first two 30 Days projects I’m going to document each and every kind act and the experience we had doing it together. You’ll be able to follow along with me here on the blog and also in real time on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as Amuse_events.

To make it easy for you to register your day and to see what’s still available you can check here.

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