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#30DaysOfHolidayGifts The Perfect Gifts For The Party Host + Giveaway

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They worked hard putting together the perfect party, why not bring them the perfect host gift.

Welcome back to 30 Days Of Holiday Gifts where Steven Schelling and I have combed the planet to come up with 30 of our favourite things to give over the Holiday Season. For our 3rd episode, we share with you 3 of our favourite gifts to give the fabulous party hosts in your life. What’s even better is you have a chance to win one of them (3 people will each win one). Yes that’s right not only do we help you find the right gifts to give but we are also giving you some of them as well.

Here is the third episode, watch and enjoy. After the video scroll down for pictures, links on where to buy and of course the contest details.

Today’s Featured Gifts:

1. Thomas Haas Chocolate ornament – at Thomas Haas stores cost $19.00 to $59.00

Thomas Haas Chocolate Ornaments

2. Beta5 Holiday Pebble Cracker – order online or in person at their store 413 Industrial Ave Vancouver cost $35.00

Beta5 Holiday Pebble Cracker

3. The Pink Bub by Haywire – Buy at Specialty Liquor Stores across BC or order direct by phoning/emailing Whitney at 604-800-0601 or email  $24.90



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Special thanks to our hosts Hastings House and Salt Spring Air for helping to make this series possible. Far and above our favourite way to get to Salt Spring Island and the best place to stay on the Island.

Salt Spring Air

Hasting House the original manor house

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  • Radhika K says:

    Last year’s Christmas Party when we carried the after party over to a lounge

  • Annemarie says:

    Ooh, I want all those for me, not just for a hostess! Hmm…most memorable moment. Not sure I can share but possibly the first year we kept our kids up past midnight on New Years eve and lived to regret it the next day.

  • Wanda says:

    The posts are getting hilarious lol..perhaps the vino is helping?!!!
    Most memorable moment from a holiday party…yikes…ugly sweaters ha ha. An ugly sweater party :)

  • Dilara says:

    My most memorable party would be the very first Christmas dinner that my then-boyfriend took me to his parent’s house to celebrate. It was only my 2nd time meeting them but I also got to meet the whole extended family and hot it off with most of them right away.

  • Nancy says:

    I am loving this series – who can go wrong with bubble AND chocolate – my idea of a perfect pairing

  • Christmas Eve last year, I was at an orphan’s Christmas dinner (a bunch of us without family here) and we were enjoying some whiskey. A new whiskey drinker joined us and slammed it back as a shot. After some education, he couldn’t understand that you savour and appreciate it, the cheaper stuff is for shots. After our attempt at education failed, he was downgraded to the cheaper liquor.

    A funny and memorable part of the evening.

  • David says:

    Most memorable party… more like most memorable hangover… can’t remember too many of those parties… :)

  • KittyPride says:

    When everyone was laughing at a joke that wasn’t really that funny but the laughs just kept generating more hilarity, my sides hurt!

  • Arjun Rudra says:

    Being kissed under the mistletoe by a crush

  • Michelle Marie says:

    My most memorable holiday party was when my boyfriend and I were singing karaoke. We thought we sounded great but in reality we were singing badly and off key, haha. Sorry friends!

  • Jeff S says:

    The most memorable moment at a holiday party is when I walked into where the food was displayed to find about 10 different kinds of dessert, jackpot! Yum!

  • maria says:

    Most memorable moment was first Christmas with my niece!

  • May says:

    My most memorable holiday party was when I got invited to Christmas dinner with my boyfriend’s family.

  • Jane says:

    US thanksgiving at my bf’s family’s place. Had turkey piled high on my plate, breakfast at grandparents house, got gifts from parents, shopping, etc.

  • KC says:

    Love The Bub. Marc and Steven, you crack me up!

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