Candy Canes, Cookies And Conversation Sharing A Little Kindness

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From cookies to smiles, all it takes is a little time.

There is no age limit on kindness. You can’t be too young or too old to perform an act of kindness or to receive one. Sherri-Lee Woycik and her two kids Ben and Hannah are proof of that. As soon as Sherri-Lee heard about 30 Days Of Kindness she signed herself and her kids up for a kind act. As a single parent and a business owner Sherri-Lee’s plate is full so I was curious to see what they’d come up with. It’s a pretty simple but one I love. With Sherri-Lee’s help her kids would bake cookies and then they’d visit the Langley Senior’s Village for a visit and to hand out treats.

Sherri-Lee and Hannah and Ben outside Langley Senior's Village

Provence Marinaside

Spending a fun afternoon baking cookies is one of my favourite childhood memories. I probably explains my weakness for desserts Smile It’s also a great skill to pass on to your kids. Everyone should know how to cook and in moderation some sweet sugar cookies are good for the soul.

Hannah bakes some cookies

Ben rolls out the cookie dough

With part one of their kind act baked and packaged up for part two I meet them at the Langley Senior’s Village. We check in with the staff and get ready with our surprise. It was awesome to see that they actually advertised that we would be there performing a Random Act Of Kindness. I anticipate a big crowd. Sherri-Lee and her kids are taking this one step further and decorating themselves with some Christmas lights. Festive.

Random act of kindness notice board

Sherri-Lee and her kids all dressed up in lights

With treats in hand it’s time to say hello to some of the residents. Hannah hands out Candy Canes while Ben passes around the cookies they baked. It is awesome to see the smiles on the faces of everyone we meet. What was even better was to see how everyone seemed to come alive. Both Sherri-Lee and her kids were excited and the residents started talking to us.

Ben handing out some cookies

Candy Canes, Cookies and Conversation

Ben handing out a sugar cookie

I got to meet a quite a few myself with Larry and Patricia making quite the impression. Larry and Patricia both had a recipe and a story published about them in a book called Reminiscences, Recipes and Remedies published by the Langley Meals on Wheels Services Society. At almost 95 years young Patricia was a real firecracker, telling me stories of growing up in England and moving to Canada in 1956 with her husband and children.

Larry and Patricia hold their book Reminiscences Recipes and Remedies

Larry with his story

Patricia shows us her story

A couple of hours of time is all this took but what fun! Kudos to Sherri-Lee and her kids for coming up with this kind act. I know it meant a lot to the residents of Langley Senior’s Village and the staff even had some fun.

Saying hi to two lovely ladies

Sherri-Lee and her kids surprise one of the staff with some cookies

A couple of friends that take the time to create great food are Chef Jean-Francis and Chef Alessandra Quaglia of Provence Restaurants. For the last 16 years they’ve served up kindness and great food at their 3 restaurants in Vancouver, Provence Marinaside, Provence Mediterranean Grill and The Wine Bar. Chances are good that you will see me at the Yaletown locations and if you do please come up and say hello. Provence is being kind and helping me bring this series to life so please be kind to them and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Bon Appetite.

Sea Bassa and a glass of wine at Provence Marinaside

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  1. Sherri-Lee, Hannah and Ben, what a fantastic way to make a difference! I love the simplicity of your act of kindness. Blessings! -Darcy

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