Langley Hospice Society Reminds Us To Be Kind To Oursleves

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Breathe; remember to take time for YOU.

Our lives are busy and more importantly they are filled with distraction every waking second of our day. Raise your hand if you’ve texted while walking and walked into a pole, a bench or a person because you didn’t look up? I’ve done it many times. Rarely do we stop and pause but the Langley Hospice Society is hoping to change that for a few people. Shannon jumped into action, made a few phone calls to Tracycakes Bakery & Cafe and the Heritage Wellness Centre and their 30 Days Of Kindness kind act was born. They are going to help people be kind to themselves.

Langley Hospice Society and Tracycakes team up for kindness

Chimp makes giving easier

Located at the historic 5 corners intersection of 48th Ave and 216 St in Langley, Tracycakes Bakery & Cafe will be the home base for today’s kind acts. I think it’s kind of ironic that a crazy busy intersection is where we are promoting people to slow down and be kind to themselves Smile Shannon of the Langley Hospice Society has put together a great team of volunteers to help her along with 40 little gift packs that promote being kind to yourself. Included in the “kind pack” is a mug with a tea bag, a rec pass to the Township of Langley Parks and a little note with some easy to follow tips on how to be kind to yourself.

Tracycakes Bakery & Cafe

Be Kind to yourself gift pak

8 suggestions on how to be kind to yourself

Armed with their “Kind Packs” the volunteers welcome everyone that comes into or walks by Tracycakes. Coffee and Tea is courtesy of Tracycakes for everyone plus they get the kindness goodie bag. We surprised one lovely lady and her friend with a kindness pack and found out that she had just come through successful cancer surgery. She had set aside money to help her in the post care treatments however they weren’t necessary as the surgery had been a success. In true paying it forward fashion instead of putting the money back into her bank she’s been donating it to various charities in need. Kindness and gratitude.

Shannon shares a kind gift pack

Bonnie shows some kindness to two ladies

Shannon offers a kindness pack to passersby

Tracey Cakes supplies a free cup of tea

After the first hour we had another surprise for anyone that came in, a complimentary chair massage from Dr. Sean of Heritage Wellness Centre. To get the ball rolling I even got a little massage. We treated a birthday girl and her friend to a massage but my absolute favourite had to be the Mom of Tracycakes manager Dee. When she walked in she saw the empty chair massage and went right for it!

Kindness for a birthday girl and her friend

Birthday girl gets a massage

Marc getting a massage

Dee's Mom gettng a massage

What fun. What I like about what happened today as I observed all the kindness going around was how people felt special that they deserved a kind act. The volunteers would drop of the kind pack, explain it and then wish everyone a great day. As soon as the volunteer would leave I’d see everyone  smile and open up the packs exclaiming how nice and what a treat it was. We can all be kind to ourselves everyday and it doesn’t cost a penny, just follow some of the tips that the Langley Hospice Society gave us. Make 30 Days Of Kindness in 365 days for yourself.

Thanks to Chimp for being such an amazing partner in supporting 30 Days Of Kindness. If you are looking to make your charitable giving easier and have greater impact then please check out Chimp and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. It’s easy to give with Chimp, you can search through any of the 85,000 registered charities across Canada and make a donation any time you want. I’ve partnered with Chimp to create my own Giving Fund in support of 3 amazing charities I found. If you’d like to join this act of kindness you can donate here. No amount is too small. My goal is to raise $1000 by Dec 16th and if everyone who reads this today donated a dollar I’d already be half way there!

Chimp Giving Group

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