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#30DaysToABetterMe Eating On The Road, How to Not Gain Weight On A Press Trip

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This is a first world problem if I ever saw one.

Temptation and choices are two words that haunt and challenge me when I travel, especially now that I’m committed to achieving a healthier weight and lifestyle. Part of 30 Days To A Better Me is all about is trying to help me find the balance between what I have to do for work and the healthy choices my body needs me to make so that I stay on track. Case in point, as I write this post I’m in Detroit, Michigan attending the North American Auto Show as a guest of Ford’s. This means that for two days plus a travel day my dining choices are completely out of my hands. How will manage this? Well for the first time on a trip like this I stayed conscious of my goals and did the best I can.

Turkey Clubhouse Sandwhich at the Fairmont YVR Airport

Under The Covers by Dawn Chubai

Let’s start with temptation because it is everywhere. From the quantity of food that is made available to the almost unending pour of booze, temptations are everywhere. It takes will power greater than mine to resist 100% but I give it my best shot. The other challenge I face is that I have no control over the food that I’m being served. On some trips we eat out at restaurants and I can order healthy choices off a menu but on this trip we are shuttled from hotel to conference and the only food available is what’s been pre ordered and served for us. It’s tasty but perhaps not the choices I would have made.

Dessert plate at the opening dinner reception

Just keep pouring the wine please

The opening night reception is a great example of a typical press trip. After checking into my hotel room I head straight down to the reception and grab a welcome beer. Next up are the opening remarks followed by dinner, which in this case ends up being 3 courses plus dessert. The first course is soup, a nice Tomato Bisque which I decided to taste but only eat 1/2 of it. The next course was a lightly dressed salad and flatbread. I ate the salad but left the flat bread alone. Last but not least the main course was Chicken and Fish. The chicken was good but I put the Salmon and most of the cream sauce covering it aside.

Tomato Bisque

Tomato Bisque healthy portion

Salad with flatbread

Main course of Chicken and Fish

Fish portion on the side please

I’m really proud of myself, I think I made some good choices for myself considering the options I had available. I wasn’t too full and most importantly I didn’t feel the need to clear off the plates so I wasn’t battling with myself. Of course when it came to the wine being served I kinda slipped there and had a few more than I should of. Oh well at least with every glass of wine I drank I had a glass of water.

For every glass of wine I had a glass of water

and then came dessert…. OMG how do I resist this buffet? The answer is I don’t but I don’t beat myself up either. I do my best to satisfy my sweet tooth while not over indulging. Thankfully the plates are small and I only fill it up once Smile

Dessert Buffet

All in all it’s not a great night for eating healthy but I’ve had way worse before so I give myself a passing grade and recognize that I can’t change completely overnight. It’s about small changes that become habits which will lead me to success in achieving my health and fitness goals.

Of course a candy bar conveyor belt doesn’t help me reach those goals. Walk away from the Candy Bar, walk away from the candy.

I can’t think of a anything sweeter than listening to the fabulous Dawn Chubai’s newest album Under The Covers. I was lucky enough to be at the photo shoot for the album art work and I can say the only thing better than the photos is the music. If you love sultry and sexy jazz vocals you will love this album. Support a local music and download your copy direct from Itunes. This is one sweet choice I approve of!

Under The Covers by Dawn Chubai

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