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#30DaysToABetterMe Planning For A Diet Change, The 360 ABS 21 Day Fat Flush @PrecisionAthletics

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3 steps to take before you change your diet plan.

After a great few days in Detroit at the North American Auto Show as a guest of Ford I’m even more energized to tackle 30 Days To A Better Me. Over 12 hours of flying, 15+ hour days and limited opportunity to work out left me feeling tired and a bit lethargic at times. I’m sure you know the feeling and maybe you are just like me, tired of it. I can go strong for a couple of days but then the tank hits empty and I crash hard. So on top of working out I’m going to try a companion eating and nutrition plan suggested by Craig Boyd of Precision Athletics (my trainer for this series). Starting this coming Saturday I’ll start a 21 Day Fat Flush. Let the flushing begin!

360 ABS

Under The Covers by Dawn Chubai

No that’s not my 6 pack, actually they may be but right now they are buried under a 24 pack! It’s inspiration for where I’d rather be but having that photo alone won’t help me so I better get started on a plan. The first step is to read the 360 ABS 21 Day Fat Flush booklet I’ve been given as my guide. It is 15 pages of what not to do, what to do and 3 pages of meal recipes and suggestions. According to Craig and this nutrition plan, the age old myth of “calories in” must be lower than the “calories out” method is not 100% accurate. It’s all about hormones and getting yours re-balanced to maximum efficiency. By balancing your hormones you can lower your Cortisol & Insulin levels which should help improve your “fat burning” ability.

360 ABS booklet

The second step is all about what not to eat. Luckily I’ve already removed most of these items from kitchen but it’s always good to be hyper aware of what I need to avoid for the next 21 Days. Here’s what I can’t have.

  • Alcohol
  • Processed Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • White flour
  • Processed dairy: (Goat products are OK)
  • Grains (Breads, cereals, pasta or rice)
  • Gluten (Food List included)
  • Packaged goods
  • If it was not around 100 years ago do not eat it! I like this one Smile

Obsessing on what I can’t have or do though always makes it hard for me to stay on track as I’m always craving what I can’t have. So what about third step, what do I need to focus on for the next 21 Days.

  • Workout using 360 Degree abs training program 3 x week – already put this in my calendar
    • Do Interval workouts 5 x per week – I’ve started doing 30 mins of cardio in my condo buildings gym
    • Each workout will last between 20 – 30 min
  • Drink between 2-3.5 litres of water throughout the day.
  • Get into bed by 10:30pm or earlier at least 5 nights per week. – this will be tough but I will try
    • Get 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Yoga class (or 45 min. Stretch per week)
  • Eat 3-5 meals per day (including the most important meal: breakfast) – starting Saturday
    • Eat Protein, Fats and Fruits or Vegetable with each meal.
    • Eat lots of leafy green vegetables for many vitamins and minerals (including calcium)

It sounds easy but I`m sure it`s not. Actually I know it`s not because I have tried and failed in the past. This time it`s going to be different though because I`m taking my time to do this right. Tomorrow I go to the grocery store to restock my shelves with all the right foods. Lean meats, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, basically any food that existed over 100 years ago.

What do you think, is this doable? Would you be able to change your diet for 21 days? Will you do this with me? Let`s do it together.

Another change I`m going to make over these 21 Days is to turn off my TV and Computer at least an hour earlier than I normally would each day. Instead I`ll catch up on some reading (Bruce Sellery`s Moolala The Guide To Rockin` Your RRSP) and a little bit of easy listening jazz thanks to my friend Dawn Chubai`s latest Album Under The Covers (available on ITUNES now).

Under The Covers by Dawn Chubai

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