Two Burlington Coffee Shops That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face

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Coffee, it is my religion and coffee shops are my church. Whether you grab your coffee to go, enjoy a good conversation with friends or open up your laptop to surf Facebook, coffee shops are the 21st-century version of the town square. You never know who you’ll meet at a coffee shop. If you follow me on Instagram and you’ll discover I take my Americano’s seriously. My days don’t start until I’ve had a good coffee. Somedays start without coffee, but they aren’t good days. I’m hanging out in the Paris, Burlington and Hamilton area for a long weekend getaway with friends and I’m on the hunt for a good Burlington coffee shop. I already know Burlington has some great bakeries, now I want to know if it has great coffee shops as well.

Two, Burlington coffee shops stand out for me. Both are located in downtown Burlington and offer great coffee and treats. One of them even has a sandwich menu and serves ice cream. I hope you check them both out.

Tamp Coffee Co. has two locations. The one I visited is on Brant Street and reminds me of many of the Portland coffee shops I’ve visited. They offer brewed, pour over, Chemex, cold brew and of course espresso. They also have an extensive line of Tamp coffee swag if you are into that kinda thing. I’m here for an Americano To Go as I wander the downtown core exploring.  Great crema, bold flavour and made just to my liking. They also have some sweet treats including some that are Vegan and Gluten Free. My favourite Burlington coffee shop.

Tamp Coffee Co, Burlington Coffee Shop

Perfect crema on my Americano

Lakeshore Coffee House is located as the name suggests on Lakeshore Road. Great location if you are walking the waterfront on a fine sunny Summer day. I’m here for a coffee, a little laptop time and a made to order sandwich before I head out for a hike in the Halton Conservation area. This coffee shop is more of a casual cafe style and is a definite place to go if you want a good cup of coffee and a bite to eat. The roast beef sandwich was made in front of my eyes and only cost me $6.95. Great value and service. They also serve ice cream if you’d prefer that to a coffee when you are walking the boardwalk.

Lakeshore Coffee House

Made to order sandwich and coffee at Lakesore Coffee House

BTW did you know that Lakeshore Coffee House also has an APP? If you forget your wallet at home you can use their APP to order your coffee ahead of time and collect reward points.

Lakeshore Coffee House APP

Check out their Instagram feeds and get a daily dose of inspiration.

Have you got a favourite Burlington coffee shop you want me to check out? Sound off in the comments below and I’ll check them out on my next visit.

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