Cheryl Muir Cleans Out Her Closet For Charity

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Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to happen in the Spring. A good deep cleanse is good for the soul as well as freeing up some much-needed space in your home. That is the case for Cheryl Muir, who has Spring cleaned not only her closet but also her professional life. In the past year, she quit her job as a successful PR consultant with a major Canadian agency and has pursued her dream to be a Life Coach. Sometimes you have to let something go before you can allow something new into your life and that is where Cheryl’s closet and her wintertime Spring cleaning come in. Time to remove the old clothes to allow room for some new ones as Cheryl Muir cleans out her closet for charity.


30 Days of Kindness 2015

There is nothing difficult about this act of kindness. All it takes is a bit of time, a willingness to clean out clothes, shoes and accessories that you no longer wear and a destination to donate them to. Cheryl has made the time and chosen the Burnaby Hospice Society Thrift Store as the place to donate her gently worn items. It is a place that gives back twice. Once as all the money raised from the sale of donated items goes to support the Hospice and secondly by providing clean clothes and accessories at a reduced price to people with limited access to funds.

Burnaby Hospice Society

So what are the results of Cheryl’s closet cleaning? In total Cheryl cleaned out ten dresses that included everything from Summer frocks, to cocktail and evening wear. There were also three pairs of shoes, five necklaces and two silk scarfs she had purchased in Morrocco. That is a pretty good cleanse if you ask me.

Donated shoes at a thrift store

The next time you struggle to put a new purchase in your closet think about doing what Cheryl did and clean out your closet for charity. You’ll be doing yourself and others a kind act. Besides you don’t wear those clothes anymore so why not give them to an organization that can turn them into something positive. You never know you may just learn to love a clean closet.

30 Days of Kindness 2015

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