An Early Morning Outrigger Canoe Paddle Along Kaanapali Beach

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What are you doing at 7 am? This morning I am up with the sun to join with some friends for an early morning outrigger canoe paddle on the ocean. Only in Maui would I be up this early and this active. In fact, it seems almost impossible to sleep in during my vacation in Kaanapali Beach. It is early to bed and early to rise for this boy. The good news about waking up early is that the day hasn’t reached its peak temperature and for paddling the ocean is generally very calm. That is the case today and I couldn’t be more excited to head out with Ali’i Maui Outrigger Canoes for my first ever paddle in an outrigger canoe.

Stroke stroke stroke

Ali’i Maui Outrigger Canoes operates out of Lahaina and Kaanapali Beach. In Kaanapali, you will find them between the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Village Resort and the recently opened Westin Nanea. You can’t miss the red pop up tent.

Ali'i Maui Outrigger Canoes setting up

We arrived just as the guides were putting the outrigger canoe into the water and getting ready for the days adventures. While they did that we signed the usual waivers and did the paperwork needed. I can already tell we are going to have a blast as the crew is smiling, laughing and excited to have us with them. It’s a family business so you feel like part of it in a very short amount of time.

The boys carrying the outrigger canoe to the waters edge

Next steps are simple, it is time to get into the outrigger canoe and begin our paddling.

Beautiful early morning paddle along Kaanapali beach

It is very easy and once of the benefits of an early morning paddle is how calm the water is. At the time of this adventure I am having shoulder issues but was easily able to keep up with our guide.

It is not a constant paddle. In fact, we stop often to take in the beautiful surroundings and look deep into the ocean. You can’t tell in this photo but we saw a few sting rays and many fish. The water is so clear, blue and calm it makes for a perfect morning.

Crystal clear blue water at first light

Today we paddled towards Black Rock and once there one of our guides couldn’t resist jumping out of the outrigger canoe and going for a leap off Black Rock. I would happily make the jump, I’m just not sure I can climb as easily as he does.

As we paddle back towards where we started I reflect on how happy I am that I got up this early. The entire day is ahead of me and what a way to start it off! A little exercise, beautiful scenery and a bit of Hawaiian history and culture as related by our guides. Amazing and so very Maui!

Beautiful early morning paddle along Kaanapali beach

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Special thanks to Kaanapali Beach Resort Association and Visit Maui for hosting my stay. Views and opinions are 100% my own.

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