Kind Act #18 Fine Choice Foods Donates Toys And Food To Richmond Family Place

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Fine Choice Foods & Richmond Family Place have been around for over 30 years.

Drive around Richmond and you see large homes, fancy cars and lots of high priced smartphones in the hands of its residents. What you don’t see are the families that are struggling financially and even sometimes culturally. Did you know that Richmond is home to the 2nd largest population of children living in poverty in British Columbia? I certainly didn’t that that until Janice of the Richmond Family Place shared that information with me and the team from Fine Choice Foods. It’s amazing then that todays 30 Days Of Kindness is a kind act from Fine Choice Foods towards Richmond Family Place. Both have operated in Richmond for 30 years and it seems like such a perfect fit for a local Richmond business to give back to a Richmond community builder like Richmond Family Place. I have a feeling this kind act is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Richmond Family Place

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Let’s start at the beginning of this kind act. The team at Fine Choice Foods, led by Emily Tang and Adelina Wong, signed up for their kind act day and then started to brainstorm. The main criteria for their kind act was that they wanted it to happen in Richmond where they are based. The next step was to decide what the kind act should be. They brainstormed and then the idea came to them. They wanted to support a family resource centre which provides so much support and community to young families struggling with being  new parents. A quick search and they found the perfect place, Richmond Family Place.

Richmond Children's Charter

The next step in their kindness act was to rally the troops at Fine Choice Foods to participate. Staff pulled together and donated money while the company matched the donations with food. The next part was fun for Adelina as she went shopping with the money raised by her co workers. She called the Richmond Family Place ahead of time, took down their wish list and went shopping. The last and final step was to pull all the donations together with Emily and drop them off.

Toys purchased by Fine Choice Foods for the Richmond Family Place donation

Emily & Adelina of Fine Choice Foods dropping off their kind act

When they arrived at Richmond Family Place they were greeted by warm smiles and hugs of thanks and amazement. How did you hear of us? Why did you pick us? Thank YOU this means so much to us and our families. Those are just some of the phrases I heard come from Janice and the other staff when they saw the donations. Every bit helps when you serve over 2000 people a month, 1000 through the Richmond Family Place building and another 1000 throughout community outreach programs.

Fine Choice Foods donation to Richmond Family Place

Staff from Richmond Family Place and Fine Choice Foods with the donations

This kind act isn’t over yet because Emily and Adelina want a tour. We see the Thrift Store which generates some revenue and is also a place where families can “shop” for free if they are in need. We also check out the kitchen as volunteers prepare the weekly dinner for over 150 people that will show up. Last but not least we see one of the play rooms where the families can play, interact and receive parenting advice from Licenced workers as well as from other peer families.

Richmond Family Place Thrift Shop

Richmond Family Place kitchen volunteers at work

Richmond Family Place playroom and family interaction space

As the tour was happening I witnessed the real kind act that was in the making. I saw a relationship being formed between two great organizations that call Richmond home. I literally could see the wheels turn in Emily’s head as she was thinking of other ways that Fine Choice Foods could help Richmond Family Place out in the future. I think I see a staff volunteer event where Fine Choice Foods staff cook one of the weekly dinner events. This is what kindness and being connected to others around you is all about. Three cheers for Adelina, Emily and all the staff at Fine Choice Foods as well as to everyone that works and volunteers at Richmond Family Place. You are making this a better world one act of kindness at a time.


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