Kind Acts #6 Langley Hospice Society Hands Out Kindness Bags

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Be kind to yourself, there is only one you.

How often do you put others before yourself? I’m guessing it is most times. For the 2nd year in a row the Langley Hospice Society is taking part in 30 Days of Kindness and for their kind act they want YOU to be kind to yourself. They want you to be kind to others as well of course but kindness begins at home and if you aren’t kind to yourself …. I think you get the picture. Last year Langley Hospice Society set up at Tracy Cakes Cafe and handed out kindness reminders but this year they’ve chosen a new location, it’s the Otter Co-Op on 248th Street. Grocery stores are the heart of every neighbourhood and for this part of Langley the heart is at Otter Co-Op.

Devon and Shivani from the Langley Hospice Society hand out kindness

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Shivani and Devon from the Langley Hospice Society are all set up just outside the Co-Op front doors. They have put together 100 kindness bags filled with a bottle of water to remind yourself to stay hydrated, a pass to the Township of Langley’s Community Centres so that you could stay involved in your community, and last but not least a coupon for a free coffee and cupcake from Frosting Bake Shop. There is also a bookmark with hints on kind acts you can perform every day, small simple things that cost absolutely nothing to perform.

Langley Hospice Society set up at the Langley Otter Co-op

Contents of the Kindness bags

It’s a little cold and damp out this morning so to go with the kindness bags Shivani and Devon are also offering free cups of coffee courtesy of Otter Co-Op to anyone that wants one. I’ll definitely enjoy a cup thank you. Now that they are all set up it’s time to spread some kindness.

Shivani and Devon set up their kindness table

It’s a bit of a slow start at first, people automatically assume you are selling something or that there is “a catch” but Shivani and Devon don’t get discouraged. They smile brighter and greet everyone as they come and go. Some stop and take a bag, others nod and offer a greeting in return and then some offer kindness in return, they ask if they can make a donation to the Langley Hospice Society to say thanks for all the work they do. Shivani and Devon are surprised, they aren’t here to raise money but it would be rude to decline this act of kindness so freely given so they dig around and find a small box to secure the donations. It just goes to show that one act of kindness is a pebble dropped in a pond, it creates ripples that extend far beyond where the pebble entered.

Donations as acts of kindness have been given to the Langley Hospice Society

Now that the ice has been broken the Bags of Kindness are being scooped up. Mothers shopping with their kids are stopping, nice ladies running errands offer up hugs in thanks and even one of the local couriers stops by to get some kindness. Everyone leaves with a smile and hopefully feeling a little brighter than when they arrived.

Shivani hands out a kindness bag to a mom and her daughter

Shivani gets a hug from a stranger

Young courier wants some kindness from Devon and Shivani

It doesn’t take much to be kind to yourself but sometimes we forget to and that is what Shivani and Devon from Langley Hospice Society did today, they made over 100 people stop and think about kindness. I think that is kinda awesome and I know it’s something I need to constantly remind myself of, slow down, breathe and enjoy every moment of life. It’s so precious and we only get one, that we know of anyway Smile

Here are some of the kind acts you can perform from the Langley Hospice Society Bookmark:

  • bring in your neighbours garbage cans
  • write a letter of appreciation to yourself or someone
  • donate used books or clothing
  • leave sticky notes with inspiration messages on them in random places
  • make a new friend

Thanks for sharing these kind acts with me. If you’d like to be a part of this series, don’t be shy get in touch, there is always room for more kindness in the world.


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