Regifting It’s a Kind Thing To Do.

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How many parties and events do you go where you get a goodie bag when you leave? Valerie van der Gracht of the popular Vancouver blog My Van City gets a lot of them. In fact like myself, she often declines the gift bags unless she knows there is something in the bag that she can use. The reason is that it just becomes too much after a while. How many soaps, lotions and chocolates can one person have? You can never have too much chocolate in my opinion. So what does Valerie do with these gift bag goodies? She practices regifting by passing them on to friends, family, and the occasional charity. It’s a kind thing to do, and it keeps your closet from overfilling with unused items.

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30 Days of Kindness 2015

Valerie recently attended an event at Spence Diamonds and this time, the goodie bag had a gift certificate inside it. The gift certificate wasn’t for a diamond ring. Instead, every person that attended the event was given a $25 gift card for What can you buy at Chimp? Nothing. What you can do is donate money to any registered charity in Canada. That is ANY registered charity in Canada! That is a goodie bag gift that will never go unused in my opinion.ANY registered charity in Canada! That is a goodie bag gift that will never go unused in my opinion.

Chimp charitable giving platform

Where did Valerie choose to donate her $25 gift? To one of her favourite charities Covenant House Vancouver. That $25 will go towards supporting the 1,500 street-involved youth that find sanctuary and a brighter future at Covenant House and it all started with a goodie bag.

Covenant House Vancouver

This is Valerie’s second year participating in 30 Days Of Kindness and she even wrote a post about her experience and how she finds small ways all year long to be kind. Thanks Valerie for your inspiration and for continuing to give back in the small meaningful ways you do. If we all did the small things, it would add up to a very big thing.

My Christmas Open House means there are always snacks, chocolates and goodies leftover that I pack up to donate to our area’s women’s shelter. The women’s shelter is always in need so when I travel the complimentary toiletries are saved to donate. Our neighbourhood holds a big garage sale and we all provide the “new to you” items to sell, the proceeds benefit a local transition house. 

Regifting is a good and kind thing to do!

30 Days of Kindness 2015

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