Cuisine Meets Culture At San Diego’s Liberty Public Market

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Seattle has Pike Place Market and Vancouver has Granville Island, now San Diego has its own major marketplace called Liberty Public Market at Liberty Station. This former Naval training station has been transformed into a cultural and culinary hub in San Diego. When the site opened in 1923 I am sure the builders did not envision that the barracks would be home to artists, galleries, and culinary artisans not to mention thousands of visitors a day. If you are looking for a fun day of shopping, exploring and eating come on down to Liberty Public Market and see some of the best of what San Diego has to offer.

Liberty Public Market in San Diego

The best way to show you the Market is to take you on a video tour. Enjoy!

There is lots more to see and experience at Liberty Station. Just check out the list of artists, stores, and learning spaces available to visit. If you are a big fan of  Trader Joe’s they have one here.

Screenshot of Liberty Public Market & Liberty Station vendors

Liberty Public Market at Liberty Station is just beginning. I can’t wait to come back to see how they grow. Oh, and I’ll be back for a cheese plate from Venissimo Cheese.

Talk Curdy To Me at Liberty Public Market

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