Town Hall Throws A Meet Your Neighbour Party

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Do you know your neighbours? I don’t, but it’s moving day for my friends at Town Hall Brands and they plan on getting to know their neighbours by throwing a “Meet your Neighbour Party” once all the moving dust settles. Everyone seems to complain about feeling disconnected from the people around them. They blame it on Social Media, being busy and just a fact of city life. Well, I think it is because we have gotten lazy and less reliant on our neighbours to survive. This is why I love what Town Hall is doing. Whether you are brand new to your building or have been there for ten years, why not throw a meet your neighbour party and start the kindness ball rolling.

Meet your Neighbour Open House

30 Days of Kindness 2015

A little over two months have passed since Town Hall took possession of their new office space. They’ve renovated it and made the space their own. Now they want to get to know who they are sharing the building with. They are in the Artworks building on East 4th Ave off Main Street. It is a live work space so their neighbours could be other small businesses, artists or people who just like the area.

Town Hall's brand new office building

They’ve picked the date, bought some party food, put signs up in the elevator and emptied the wine shelf. They are ready to throw a party. They’ve even made name tags to make it easy to remember everyone’s name.

Party trays of food

Hey Neighbour name tags

Now that they are ready all that is needed are the neighbours. In total about fifty showed up! Not bad for their first party in their new building. I wonder if having a DIY photo booth helped?

Town Hall Openhouse meet the neighbours party

Do it yourself photobooth

I think this is a great idea and if you are thinking about having one of your own, but don’t want it to cost a lot of money just make it a potluck or BYOB. So from Town Hall Brands and me, I hope you take a moment this holiday season to get to know someone that lives or works close by. Take a chance and say hi, you never know what may come from it.


30 Days of Kindness 2015



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