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Online Casino: Bitcoin Surpasses Gold

Since the bitcoin adventure began in 2009, this crypto-currency has not stopped growing in popularity. In the meantime, bitcoin has become the currency of choice for those who are looking for a currency that will guarantee privacy. And today, its value is said to have surpassed that of gold, which indicates a rather meteoric evolution. Moreover, the Bitcoin payment method is part of the deposit and withdrawal options of a large number of online casinos, and the number of adopters continues to grow.

A trend that is starting to repeat itself

It may seem surprising from many perspectives, but this isn’t the first time bitcoin has overtaken gold. The same pattern had already occurred in March 2017 when the bitcoin unit was worth $1,281.96, while the ounce of gold showed a value of $1,227. This was actually the first time in its 4,000-year history that a dematerialized currency saw its value surpass the world’s most secure medium of exchange. So, given that this is the second time this has happened, it is safe to say that bitcoin has a very good chance of overtaking gold again. Also, if the fluctuation of this cryptocurrency were to stop and its value were to stabilize, gold would no longer have the monopoly it has always had.

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Billions in terms of cryptocurrency in circulation

The fact that bitcoin has managed to overtake gold has created an incredible stir and unprecedented demand, especially from China, despite the fact that the governments of several countries have tried to limit its use. Today, in addition to the millions of units of bitcoins circulating around the world, the way has been opened for the proliferation of a large number of cryptocurrencies. For example, there is now nearly $15 billion worth of cryptocurrencies in circulation, whether it’s bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM, Cardano, Litecoin or Stellar.

In addition to the fact that billions of dollars of cryptocurrency are in circulation, this number could grow exponentially over the next few months. Indeed, the fact that bitcoin has surpassed gold could push investors to pump in more money in order to get more. This is most likely to be the case with the Chinese, who are the biggest users of the currency to date. Also, new investors could be interested.

A boon for online casinos

As we mentioned earlier, there are many areas that are pushing for cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, to be more accepted, and online casinos are one of them. In fact, given the sheer number of transactions that take place at these types of establishments, the best sites are those that offer the fastest and most secure payments while still guaranteeing customer privacy, and cryptocurrencies ensure this. For example, players who play at casinos that accept bitcoin know that they won’t have to worry about their bank account information since using the currency doesn’t require that kind of information. As for speed, transactions are practically instantaneous.

Currently, a bitcoin casino will always have more registered players than a site that does not accept bitcoin, despite the risks involved. Also, you won’t have a hard time finding platforms where you can win bitcoins if you’re interested in this option.