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What is the winning cycle slot machine myth about?

The winning cycle of a slot deals with a certain phase of the particular slot you are playing. You reach the winning cycle slot machines mode when you win, especially often in a certain phase.

If you play the slots more often, sooner or later, you will ask yourself: can I somehow influence the slot machine win cycle or not? Unfortunately, the winning cycle of a slot myth is indeed a myth. There is no guarantee that you will win. Slot machines are based on chance. It cannot even be proven that there is a slot machine cycle at all. Nevertheless, sometimes we perceive a winning streak, which is a nice feeling – but in reality, complete coincidence.

Different game phases: They do not exist!

Let’s take an example: you play a slot machine for several hours. In the beginning, you only lose, but suddenly you land several wins in a row. We have the feeling that we have triggered a true winning streak. We have finally reached the winning cycle slot machine mode! The wins are piling up, and it was worth the wait. Sounds nice? It is, but: absolute coincidence. There can only be random highs and lows in slot machines. Anything else would not be legal because the game operators are committed to leaving everything to chance.

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Slot machines winning cycle: what role do features play?

The regulation states that odds in slot machines depend on the mathematics of the particular game and the player’s playing behaviour and strategy. At first glance, this sounds like there is a way to make predictions after all. Or at least to apply a winning cycle slot machine strategy that works.

But where does this consideration come from when we have already clarified that slot machine results are based on chance. This is where bonus games and gamble features come into play: special features have different payout percentages in slots. The probability of winning is also different. For example, if you try the card risk game, you have a 50/50 chance of winning. However, to predict a winning cycle in slots, you should not suddenly start counting cards. You don’t know whether red or black will be drawn on the next try. Instead, rather use your common sense, don’t get cocky, and above all, never forget that luck will decide.